Mmm…manicotti! Parla’s version is Italy’s version, stuffed with creamy whole milk ricotta impastata cheese.

Our manicotti is crafted using a simple quattro formaggi (“four cheeses”) recipe of whole milk ricotta impastata cheese; freshly grated, imported Parmesan and Romano cheeses; and mozzarella cheese to achieve a slightly firm, but creamy filling in our hand-rolled, thin, golden pasta.

  • Whole milk ricotta impastata cheese
  • Parmesan, Romano and mozzarella cheeses
  • Salt, pepper and other spices
  • Chopped basil
parla Four Cheese Manicotti product packaging
parla Four Cheese Manicotti product image
Serving Suggestion
These are best served with a marinara, meat or Alfredo sauce. They must be covered in sauce to prevent the pasta from undercooking and becoming hard.