We love that our pinzati tortellinis look like two arms, hugging. They certainly are lovable.

Our pinzati-style tortellini are larger than classic tortellini and are generously filled with quattro formaggi: Asiago, Parmesan, Romano, and ricotta cheeses. Collectively, the vibrant flavors of these cheeses really “speak” Italian.

  • Asiago cheese
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Romano cheese
  • Whole milk ricotta impastata cheese

parla Asiago Tortellini product packaging
parla Asiago Tortellini product image
Serving Suggestion
The possibilities are endless. Serve this pasta hot and sauced with pesto, marinara, or a meat sauce. Float in a soup. Toss in a salad, with Italian dressing, of course! Are you and your family in a hurry? Remember the three B's: Just boil, butter and bite!